Aston Timber Products Ltd are dedicated to reducing waste and therefore to create packaging which is either re-usable or from renewable sources, or in many cases, both.

It is our company policy to actively avoid, wherever possible, the use of any materials from non-sustainable sources in the manufacture of our products.

All the Poplar used to produce our veneers is sourced entirely from within the UK and is therefore fully traceable. Before any felling can take place a licence must be obtained from the Forestry Authority. These licences are mandatory and usually carry replanting conditions. In the case of poplar it is mainly grown on marginal land unsuitable for other species or crops. Thus we can be reasonably certain that all our timber is generally being replaced by fresh planting.

At the present time planting of poplar is increasing in the UK. All the trees we use come to us individually marked, together with a record of the site where grown. Every tree is recorded throughout the production process. It is our proud claim that we can identify for a customer exactly where the veneers in their order were grown.

Our softwood collars are made using kiln dried Scandinavian whitewood from either Swedish or Finnish mills. Apart from the drying process this wood is untreated.

Once on our premises each softwood pack is fully recorded through to the end product. Thus we can trace the material in any item we have manufactured back to its supplying mill and their production records.

For reasons of cost our softwood is not FSC, however we rely on our suppliers environmental policies to ensure that it is fully sustainable and renewable.

Our plywood originates in Finland, Russia or the Baltic States. We have ceased to use Far Eastern plywood as this cannot be confirmed as coming from renewable sources.

Residual Products
We have and will continue to create markets for residual products from our manufacturing processes and we will reuse material whenever we can.

Our Policies
All our policies are designed to meet the requirements of legislation and best practice.

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