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Aston Timber's shredded bark is a by-product of our poplar peeling operation.

The product is the bark from poplar trees, together with a variable amount of veneers that have not reached our quality control standards on inspection, which have been fed into an industrial tub grinder and shredded.

It receives no other treatment at all and is therefore completely natural. However as a natural material it is not always uniform in its consistency.

Our shredded bark has the advantages of consistency in being the same type of wood and always being produced on the same site.

Although a hardwood by definition, poplar is naturally a wet wood and by comparison with other barks is relatively soft.

Aston Timber's shredded bark is primarily used as a surface material in a wide variety of applications.

In the garden environment our bark is primarily used as a mulch.

Due to its low cost the bark can be laid deeper than most which makes it very effective in weed control. At the same time the mulch does not inhibit the growth of plants such as bulbs or tubers. Due to less competition, our snowdrops have enjoyed considerable expansion since being covered in bark.

The density of our bark keeps the soil moist regardless of conditions above.

It also settles better than and is less likely to "walk" than other barks.

On a technical note the bark has a variable, but high, ph value.

Playground Safety Surfaces
Aston Timber's shredded bark has been tested in accordance with BS EN 1177:1998.

The Critical Fall Height for an Impact Absorbing Playground Safety Surface is determined by dropping a specified headform onto 300mm of bark on a concrete sub-base from a maximum effective drop height of 3 metres.

Critical Fall Heights determined above this height are usually designated simply as "In excess of 3.00m". The testing laboratory in their report noted "the material produced a CFH well in excess of 3.00m".

A copy of the test report is available to customers on request.

Aston Timber's shredded bark is currently in use in horse and cattle situations either as a walkway or a riding surface.

As it will absorb and retain a certain amount of moisture it is ideal either in the wet or as a "cushion" on hard or stony ground.

In the wet it will bind with mud to produce a firm walkable surface. In sufficient quantities it can create a cleaner walkway for cattle and being softer than other barks it is unlikely to cause any foot problems.

Aston Timber's shredded bark is cost effective and the most environmentally friendly method of producing a riding surface. It does not involve any synthetic material such as rubber or electrical chippings, nor does it involve any recycled timber such as scrap pallet wood. It can be laid on any base, however like all materials it will work best on land that has been drained.

Because of its soft and springy nature our bark could be ideal for use in remedial work and as a permanent or temporary landing area.

At the present time our bark is only available in bulk and we can arrange delivery in any quantity up to full lorry loads. Collection from our premises is also possible during normal working hours (Monday - Friday, 7.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.)

A bagging service may be available by arrangement.

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