products : pallet collars

Aston Timber Products has available a wide range of accessories to compliment our range of pallet collars.

Plywood Lids
We can manufacture any size or type of lid to suit your collar box requirements. Dependant on weight or size limitations these are generally available in either softwood or plywood. Other sheet materials are also available if appropriate.

Plywood dividers
Plywood dividers to partition the collar space are always made to order. These can be freestanding or hanging from the collar edge. Unlike others, we have no standard configuration and will manufacture whatever layout is required. Our design service has produced many unique products for customer's specific requirements.

As a speciality we have an adjustable divider which can be moved and fixed in any position - please ask for details.

Corner Mounts & Bars
As an alternative to using collars with double lug hinges we have various options to secure in position another pallet above the collar box. These are either plastic or steel corner mounts or removable wooden bars attached to each end of the collar.

We can supply a locking device to secure any height of collar box from a single collar to several layers.

We have a range of document pockets which can be attached to pallets or collars for identification.

Pallet Spacers
Using our pallet spacers can give easy access to separate collar boxes simultaneously.

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