products : pallet collars

Although we specialize in the manufacture of non-standard sizes and quantities of pallet collars we hold a large stock of standard collars and component parts. Standard means 1200 x 800 (Euro), 800 x 600 (1/2 Euro) or 1200 x 1000 mm - all 195mm high.

Dimensions (Length & Width)
We are able to produce, from stock, collars whose dimensions are any combination from 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm or 600mm. For example: 1000 x 1000 x 195, or 1000 x 800 x 195, or 800 x 800 x 195.

To order, we will make collars of any length and width. In recent months we have produced collars as long as 3.2m and as short as 500mm.

Dimensions (Height)
Although 195mm is the standard, we can offer any height of softwood collar from 145mm to 395mm in 50mm increments.

Our hinges are galvanised steel 1.25mm thick as standard. Stronger hinges at 1.5mm and 2mm are an option, as is a painted finish in black, blue or red as an alternative to galvanised.

A further option is the six hinge collar allowing the collar to fold flat within its own length for ease of storage.

Hinges with double lugs, or double tongues, are available to allow a lid or other pallets to be positioned securely above the collar.

Drop Front Collars
Unique in the UK to Aston Timber Products are our Drop Fronts collars, for that special presentation or storage requirement. Generally available in standard sizes, non-standards can be manufactured subject to minimum orders.

Screen Printing
Company or product identification can be added as required. This can vary from simple stencilling to high quality screen printing. Colour staining of the whole collar is also possible.

Plywood Collars
We can also manufacture collars in 12mm or 18mm plywood. At 12mm, plywood collars are lighter than softwood collars. A collar height with plywood of up to 495mm is also possible.

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