products : spills

Aston Timber's Spills are small pieces of our poplar veneer which have been kiln dried and are available either plain or coloured.

Our standard size is xxmm. long, xxmm. wide and xxmm. thick although we can produce longer spills to order.

Spills are mainly used as all purpose safety lighters and are extensively found in educational and scientific establishments. They are also ideal for open fires, barbecues and are well known as tobacconists accessories.

Bulk supplies are normally in boxes of approx. 36,000 each, being 36 bundles of approx. 1000. These can be packed as plain, single or mixed colours, or if bundles are not required, then in similar combinations but loose.

Spills are usually available from stock during the winter months, however lead times in mid to late summer can be lengthy.

For more information call Nigel Darbyshire on +44(0)1353 675 372

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