products : poplar veneers

All our veneers, slats and spills are produced from poplar grown entirely in the UK which must meet our exacting specifications.

As packaging, poplar veneer is supplied in natural form and has many advantages over alternative products such as plastic or processed materials. It is inexpensive and benefits from stable pricing. It is strong and weather resistant and as a natural product there are no problems associated with its disposal. Most important of all is that it comes from a fully documented sustainable and renewable resource.

Our main market is the building materials industry. Veneers, or void boards as they are sometimes known, and slats provide protection or support in a wide range of packaged products such as bricks, blocks, pavers and tiles. All our production is made to order - to customer's precise requirements.

Trees are selected from the stock in our yard as appropriate for the production run. They are first cross cut into appropriate lengths and then lifted onto a rotary lathe.

The length and thickness of the veneer will have been determined at this stage.

Once the bark has been removed a continuous sheet of veneer is produced leaving a small residual core. This continuous veneer sheet is then run through a cutter to finish the veneer piece to the size required.

The length of veneer can be anything up to 1200mm. Thickness is variable between 1.5mm and 5mm. Width of the cut sheet is determined by customer's requirements.

In practice the width of most veneers is in the range 150mm to 200mm with a thickness of 2mm, although in some cases they are much wider.

Our slats, or strips, are both narrower and thicker. These are usually around 20mm wide and 4mm thick.

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